Thursday, 19 April 2012


Hey guys, here's a quick D.I.Y I did today, I bought some levi shorts from YAK for £19 and decided I wanted to stud them! I bought the studs from Amazon for around £5 and there were 50 in the pack.

For this you will need -
A pack of studs (mine were in size L)
Shorts you'd like to be studded
Scissors and patience!

 Press the studs into the pockets or wherever you want to stud with your fingers and then when the spikes come through to the other side, bend the edges with the scissors making sure they're fully bent in to stop the risk of them coming out!

Here's the final result, I decided to stud the large pocket and i'm going to experiment with back pockets on my other denim shorts! As well as shredding/stone washing! Hope you like how they turned out! :) xo


  1. They look really good, I was doing some studding yesterday too!

    joanne from

  2. love this!