Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hey guys, just a quick post to say I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

Finally! haha, second try which I guess isn't too bad! With only 4 minors may I add ;)

I'm so happy I've passed but now i'm a bit daunted ME driving!?!?! Eeep!

Here's a lovely looking photo of me when I just passed!

If anyone's in Lincoln area, I would 100% recommend Learn with Mike!

His website is - www.learnwithmike.co.uk



Hey guys, bit of an update as to what's been going on in my life at the moment!

I got into uni with D D D which i'm so happy about as I only needed D M M to get into the course I wanted.
I'm going to Lincoln University to study Contemporary Lens Media, i'm totally stoked about it!

I'm moving out! I live 9 miles away from the center of town but I think it's about time I have my own space seeing as i'm 19 now. I'm glad I didn't go to uni straight away as I feel that i've grown up a lot more in that year and that i'm finally ready! Although I'm still extremely nervous as i'm very much a home girl.

I've started to collect little bits and bobs for my room, little things like holders, bed linen, box organisers and little bits and bobs to make my room feel more homely.


Yes, I know i'm 19, I should be the typical teen going out whenever it's possible but it's just not my sort of thing! I mean don't get me wrong, I love to see my friends but i'm more of a go round someone's house and have a gossip or go down to the pub than a 'clubbing kinda gal'.

I should make an effort to go out a bit more but it's difficult when you suffer with anxiety, I need to make sure that I don't miss the important things at the beginning of my time at uni, such as freshers! You don't have to drink to have a good time Beccy, GO OUT AND ENJOY YOURSELF. Anyhooo...

Sorry that I haven't been posting a lot, I've still been popping on and reading people's blogs but I just haven't had to motivation and time to sit down and actually get something out!

I hope everyone's doing well! And if anyone got their A-Level results & got into uni, CONGRATULATIONS! :) xxxo