Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Very late 'What I got for Christmas'

I didn't know whether to post this or not, but I love seeing what other people got so I thought why not!
I'm not bragging in any way with these photos, It's just for me to share what I got!

Hope everyone had an amazing new year, a Sales 'haul' will be up shortly as well! :)

So as you can see, one of my main presents were my JC'S!

 A woolly cardigan
 3 Barry M nailvarnishes - Raspberry, Lilac 'foil' and Shocking pink.
Barry M lipstick - 145
Look lipstick - Baby doll
Benefits perfume - Ring my Bella.
 Vintage hanging 2 hearts with daisys 
A cute little star from mum
 My second main present was my Jack Wills Hoodie
 Daisy perfume, Lee Evans DVD, Katie Price's new book, Chocolates
Bath set, Jelly beans, PJs and a year's subscription to Cosmopolitan.
 Bracelet, Winter hat and gloves set, bath fizzes, 2012 diary.
Set of nail varnishes, Nina Ricci perfume, purse and Nails INC set.
 Lip balms, chocolates, body set, nail varnishes, lip balms.
French Connection necklace, Daisy earrings, OPI Shrek set.

 Pandora bracelet and charm.
 Amazing pj's and cross top.
Smelly set, Ghost perfume and body lotion, Jack Wills lipstick set, LUSH Christmas set
2 YSL lipsticks - 9 Rose Caresse and 4 Grenade Suave.
I was also bought a Pandora ring and 2 MAC lipsticks which I forgot to photograph -
Perpetual Flame
Love Forever!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New year! xx


  1. SO jealous of your litas! You got some lovely stuff! xx

  2. You had some lovely gifts! I have awarded you with the kreativ blogger award! click the link for more info! :Dx



  3. You got such great presents! Love your taupe litas :D



  4. Ohhhh so I see u got ur JC!!! Awesome!!!! :)

  5. amazing pjamas! and i love the colour of your JCs!

  6. Ohhh those JC's are wicked awesome :D Although I'd love a pair myself, I could never walk in them!


  7. Those Geoffrey campbells are amazing!

    Marie x