Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dior baby!

Hey guys! Hope everyone's okay :)

I went shopping the other day to my favourite vintage looking makeup shop where I live and I was walking around looking at all the amazing things as usual when I came across a 'SALE' basket! Now I love a good bargain so I had a snoop, and i'm SO glad I did!!

Dior makeup! I tested the colours to match my skin and i'm a mix between 023 and 020 so I bought the foundation in 023 and the powder in 020 :)
The first time I went in I only bought the foundation, I wanted to try it and to see if I liked it and how it looked on my skin. After 2 days I KNEW I had to have more of it so I went back and thankfully they had 1 left in my shade so I quickly snapped it up! This was also the day when I bought the powder!

Now onto the amazing part! The foundation itself should have been £28.50. It was then reduced down to £20 then down to £18.50 which is the price I saw and decided to buy it. THEN when I went to the till the lady put it down again so I paid £15 for this amazing foundation! (See why I stocked up?! ;))
The powder should have been £35.50!! (I know :| ) It was then reduced down to £27 then down to £20 and again when I went to the till the lady in the shop put it down to £15! Also she went to the back and had a small collection of the colour testers which is the full size of the powder and she gave me it for free because it had a few scratches! I couldn't believe my luck :)

I'm in love with my new foundation and powder! I hope everyone's had a good day and managed to get some  good bargains like me!


  1. Im looking for an upgrade to my MAC foundation and I was in debenhams the other, the lovely Dior make up lady offered to give me a free trial of foundation. when she put it on my skin, it looked lovely, I was about to get it, but they ran out of my color :/ instead she gave me a tester. I've tried it at home myself and I was so disappointed :( I just don't like the way it sits on my skin.. does it work for u?

    1. Ohh :( Yeah I love how it sits on my skin! :) I use a stipple brush and it goes on so easily after moisturising! Maybe you should give it a couple more goes, try with different brushes or fingers? I hope it works for you soon doll! xx

  2. Great bargains, I used to use dior but havn't in a while!