Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Not blogged in a while! Sorrryyyy!

Hello! I've been so busy at the moment with college and work i've not had much time to do anything!

I hope everyone's okay! I've been getting more followers on here which is pretty cool seeing as I just made this to keep myself occupied! So thanks guys! I must be doing something right hey?!

I've not really been buying much recently, just a few bits and bobs!

I've recently bought the VO5 give me moisture shampoo and conditioner.
I've heard a lot about it on here and on Youtube so I thought i'd give it a try whilst it's still on offer!

Here's what it looks like!

I've also been loving the Rimmel lipsticks! They have so many lovely colours out at the moment and I couldn't help but treat myself to some! (Well my boyfriend bought me one! How lovely of him!)
I wanted a new bright pink lipstick and I came across the new Rimmel Kate range, I looked at them all and I fell in LOVE with number 02, it's such an amazing colour, it's gorgeous!

I absolutely love the colour of it! I know it's very summery, but I still wear bright and bold in the day or in the evenings! 

The lipstick that my boyfriend bought me was Rimmel 210 CORAL IN GOLD.
It's literally what it says on the tin! A coral lipstick with a gold finish, it's lovely and wintery!

Isn't it lovely?! Let me know!

I also couldn't walk past natural collection, I had to get some of the lovely neutral pinks they have there, just for every day wear! So I snatched up these 3! -

Moisture shine - Raspberry. A lovely pink that's so creamy!

Moisture shine - Pink Mallow, a light pink with a creamy finish!

And Moisture shine - Rose Bud! My favourite, so easy to wear every day!

(From L to R) Pink Mallow, Rose Bud, Raspberry (Natural Collection), 02 (Rimmel) and Coral in gold (Rimmel)

Hope everyone's had a lovely day and have enjoyed looking at my little purchases! Please let me know what you think I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Really need to gemme some of those Kate Moss Lipsticks, the colours are gorge.

    Helen, x

  2. I love Pink Mallow! Thank u for sharing xxxx

  3. Love all of these lip sticks :)

    - Sydney xo