Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crazy week!

I've had such a crazy week! My younger brother's been off school with a bug and i've been looking after him and lots of sleepless nights! My mum is a lifesaver though, staying by him 24/7! She deserves a medal!

I've also been pretty busy with college & going to work! Not an easy job being a barmaid/waitress! My poor feet!

I went shopping today for my mum and stepmums birthday presents! (They both have the same birthday, strange  huh?!)

I came back with SO much stuff, but didn't spend too much as there are still a lot of lovely sales on :)
I still need to get my mum her main present, I think i'm going to buy her a new Pandora charm to go on her new bracelet that she's getting.

I'm really jealous because I LOVE this coloured one, it's such a pretty coral colour :) (I think she's getting this in black or cream.)

Sorry i've not been posting much again, but i'll get back into the swing of things soon! :) xxx

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