Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bad, bad blogger.

Hey guys, long time no speak!
I've been so so busy! I've finally finished college & getting ready to start uni in August/September!
I had my final exhibition last week, which was amazing! So many people came to view our work which was just brilliant! A lot of my family came to support me which I loved! I had my mum, step-dad, brother, dad, step-mum, boyfriend, grandad and his wife! Woweee!
I found out my final grades at the end of the exhibition which I was over the moon with! I got a D*D*D!
Which means I most definitely will get into uni! (Seeing as I only needed a DMM!)
I went out for a lovely meal with my dad, step-mum, brother and boyfriend after at an amazing Italian at the top of my town, called Cafe Zoot. I love it there, I used to go there for lunch sometimes when I was at college as they did the BEST baguettes ever! Fresh warm bread mmmm.
haha anyway, i'm going off topic a bit!

Anywayyy, lets get back to the post I originally planned on posting eh? ;)

OPI'S Whats With The Cattitude? Best name ever for a cat lover like me!

I got this OPI nail varnish in part of the set of the Shrek collection.
I love all of the colours in the collection but this powdery pale blue is my favourite.
To get this pigmented colour it took 2 coats, when you put the first coat on it's very streaky and I instantly thought that it was going to be a bad polish and it would have been a waste of money (So quick to judge I know) but thankfully I gave it a second chance with a second coat and look at it go! It's such a beautiful blue! No streaks! Perfecto!

I keep staring at my nails, it's a colour that can be easily worn with any outfit and will give the simplest outfit a bit of a pop of needed colour!

Definitely one of my favourite nail polishes from my growing collection of OPI!

ooooh, also you can see sneaking into the photographs are my gold over the knuckle rings! TREND ALERT! I am SO in love with this look! It's such a simple thing to do but seems to finish of an outfit perfectly!
I bought these from Topshop, they're toe rings but I hate feet too much to even think about putting jewelry on them! So on my knuckles they go!

I know the trend is going around at the moment with on the knuckle rings and places like ASOS and wired jewelry do supply these so go check them out!
I bought the little skull ring on sale for £2 and the 'peace' ring was in a set of 2, the other ring is silver and says love, they were £2 as well from Topshop. 

I'm absolutely in love with this trend at the moment and will be purchasing some more! 

Hope everyone's okay and had a good weekend xxo


  1. Lovely color! I have been looking for a color similar to this;)

    xx Marielley

  2. Congratulations on your grades! I love the nail polish, OPI are always a great go-to brand for me! x

  3. Your nails are like, perfect?! Love the colour. I love these little rings, I really need to search for some, they just look a bit quirky and different to usual rings. Well done on your grades :) xx

  4. That colour nail varnish is gorgeous! Love your knuckle rings, haven't tried any myself, think I should, lol!!

  5. I love your profile, and the rings on this blog!

    Lots of Love

    Im following you !