Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jamie Oliver's Italian Resturant!

Hey everyone, long time no speak! Sorrrrry! *slaps wrist*
Hope everyone's doing good :)

I've had a super busy weekend but it's been amazing, I went to my cousins in Milton Keynes for the weekend to celebrate his 18th, and I had such a great time, all of my family got together and we all had an amazing time!
I got down there late on Friday so we all just chilled and time went so quick! We baked a cake at half 2 in the morning, I don't even have an explanation for it :P
Saturday I went shopping in MK, bought some leggings and a top from H&M, a dress from Miss Selfridge and a polo shirt for my boyfriend from Hollister :)

We went to Jamie Oliver's Italian which I was SO excited about! It was so so SO good (got a bit excited I know!) I had squid, meatball pasta and a brownie for pudding, YUM.

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  1. That cake looks absolutely delicious, jealous you went to a Jamie Oliver Restaurant, I have yet to go and but I'm in love with all his food.