Friday, 4 November 2011

Attention! HALT!

Hello everyone!

Meet my younger brother, he's in his Army cadet uniform, how grown up does he look?!
He's only 14! He's all ready for his memorial parade with his poppy!

I'm a very proud older sister!

Hope everyone's having a good day! xo


  1. My husband is soldier as well been in the army for 6 years now.. God i can`t wait till he goes on pention and this nightmare will ends as i`m really stressed with this Iraq, Avghan and next year Iran... :( So try to spend as mutch time with your brothger as you can xxx

  2. Ohh :( It will get better! Both my dad and step-dad were in the Army since the age of 16. It's lovely when they're back, you have that to look forward to! xx

  3. Awwh bless, this is so cute. :)

    Just found your blog hun, love it. :D xx