Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today I made my FIRST ever Elf order online!
I was having a nosey around because my boyfriend ordered me 2 brushes on Monday and they're here already! (Well in the post office waiting for me because I missed the post man!) I thought the delivery was so quick so I decided to have a look and to my joy there was 40% my order! So that was all I needed and I decided to buy a few bits and bobs! It should have come to over £25+ (sorry, i'm not quite sure of how much it was!) but I got it for £13!

I'm excited for my stuff to arrive, and i'll keep you all posted with what I bought when it comes!

Hope everyone's okay! xxx


  1. Oo, I am awaiting for the right time to make my first ELF order!!

  2. I ordered from ELF once and everything was alright! <3 new follower